Can you fix my faucet?

Yes, we can fix almost any faucet. This is because we have been installing and repairing plumbing fixtures for over 30 years. So, if you have a faucet that you need repaired, we are the company to call. There are many different kinds of faucet repairs to perform, and we know how to work with every model. The parts may all be different, but the engineering is all the same. As you may know by now, there are different kinds of parts that make each faucet work, which means that there are also different ways to repair them.

No matter how it well it is designed and how beautiful it looks, a faucet is is simply a device that draws water from the local water supply. Having a plumber that not only knows how to fix these different kinds of faucets, but also has the parts available in their truck, is the key to getting a faucet repaired quickly. A good plumber can repair any faucet, no matter how decorative or beautiful it is. That is why, if you have an expensive faucet or sink that isn't working, you will want to get it repaired right away to avoid further any further damage to it.

At George Salet Plumbing, we know that you may have either inherited or purchased a cartridge, disk, or ball operated faucet due to a new real estate purchase or renovation. As well, you may have reasons to get rid of your old faucets and replace them with new ones. If you are doing a home or condo renovation, the first thing that you will want is a kitchen and a bathroom that are not only functional, but luxurious. Purchasing cheap faucets from a home improvement center is easier, but the expertise of an experienced plumber will increase the value of your home. As well, the faucets purchased by a plumber will last much longer than those from a do-it-yourself home center.

Bathroom Sink Frequently Asked Questions