Green Plumbing - shopping for low flow toilets, automatic faucets, tankless water heaters, etc.

This resource article provides brief explanations of different green plumbing appliances (low flow toilets, hybrid and tankless water heaters, and automatic faucets) that are now on the market, as well as links to useful discussions about them.

Basically, there has come a point when all the different technologies have started to blend together in my head, and this is an attempt to keep them distinct and crisp.  Some of the biggest questions I had and tried to answer when I started looking at these contrivances:

-   Are these technologies worth it (up-front versus long-term cost);

-   Are they convenient; and

-   Do they look appealing?

Follow the links for more in-depth information about each product.

Low Flow Toilets

The common misconception about low flow toilets is that they do not work very well.  This is not the case any more because of the MaP test. Also, find a discussion regarding the relative costs and benefits.

Water Heaters - Hybrid and Tankless

Europe has been using tankless water heaters for awhile now.  Until recently, sales in the US were a big flop.  This is due, in part, to some small inconveniences, but they do save energy.  Many people are choosing to use tankless heaters for particular faucets or hot water taps in their home.

I have calculated and explained that Hybrid Water Heaters will pay for themselves in 3-5 years and are just as convenient as standard water heaters.

Automatic Faucets

We see them in commercial bathrooms, at airports, etc., but would anyone consider them for their home?  Please find a summary of their pros and cons, well, back over there.  :)