Talking Shop with with a plumber - Rooters and hydro jetting

Rooter is without a doubt one of the best terms in the plumber’s dictionary.  Everyone should know what it means, at least to be able to pull it out of one’s hat at a cocktail party.  It really works wonders on a crowd.

Listen to the way it gathers force with the first syllables, Roo,  before finally toppling off into the short ending: ter.  With a dynamic sound like that, no one will need to know what it means to be impressed.

But in case someone asks, a rooter is the flexible metal cable that allows a plumber to remove most household clogs.  The professional will simply insert said rooter down the drain, using the metal to loosen up any debris or detritus.  Clean, effective, simple - thorough.

The rooter is not a tool to be taken lightly.  Technically called, the plumber’s snake, this tool was to plumbers, what sliced bread was to the baker.  Before rooters were around, a plumber would have to dig up your sewer in order to fix a clog, which took much too much time and effort.

Not only does the plumber’s snake make a plumber’s job easier, it makes it much more affordable.  So cheers to Sam Blanc, inventor of the rooter machine!

Hydro jetting takes clog removal to an altogether different level.  Originally used for commercial buildings, this involves a hose with a nozzle that sprays six jets of water to the rear which propels the nozzle and hose up the drain pipe much like a rocket ship.  Once the hose hits the plug a single jet of water facing forward blasts the blockage into pieces, The real cleaning power of a hydro jetter is when you pull the hose back against the six rear jets blasting away at 3500 to 4,000 pounds of water per minute, until the pipe is completely cleaned to it’s full diameter.  Hydro Jetting is the perfect tool for grease build up or pipe with large amounts of sludge.