What is a Rooter?

These days, a Rooter is a generic name for a drain cleaning machine. The man that invented the rooter machine did so to clear clogged drains that were blocked from tree roots that had wrapped themselves around sewer pipes and stopped them from functioning. Believe it or not, the founder of a well known Rooter Company, Sam Blanc, and his son Milton were so upset by a clogged drain in an apartment they had rented in Iowa that they were compelled to invent a sewer cleaning machine that would unclog the drains.

Initially, they actually used an assembly of steel cable, a washing machine motor, and roller skate wheels to invent what is now called the plumbers snake. This device was an incredible advance in the field of plumbing, and after the initial launch, the term Rooter stuck as a name for a sewer drain cleaning machine that cuts roots. Before the invention of the rooter machine, if your pipes or toilet were clogged you had to dig up the yard to find the problem.

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