Flooded Basement

Plumbing Truck Basement flooded? Unfortunately, basement flooding can occur for a variety of reasons. Heavy rains and a cracked foundation can be one of the problems; but many times, a flooded basement has more to do with the plumbing than anything else. A wet basement can be the result of heavy rains, but more often than not, the sewer or drain pipes may be clogged, damaged, or even installed incorrectly. Your basement may even flood when the washing machine or other plumbing fixtures are used. At George Salet plumbing, we recommend checking the drains and sewer once a year, but if you have an emergency, we have fast and reliable service for that as well.

Basement Pumping

A flooded basement needs to have the water removed from it as soon as possible. If the water is substantially more than just a few puddles, the water needs to be removed by basement pumping. This can be done with specialized pumps, sump pump, or wet vacuum - depending on how much water you have in your basement. However, this is really a job for professionals.Water from plumbing fixtures must be disposed of properly and the area sanitized to prevent the spread of disease. A wet basement could cause other problems like mold and mildew. These are serious homeowner problems; so not only does your flooded basement need to be completely dried out, the plumbing problem needs to be fixed by an experienced and licensed plumber so that it doesn't happen again.

Common Drain Problems

Drain Blockage A flooded basement that is the result of common drain problems needs to be corrected by a licensed and experienced plumber. In the San Francisco area, where a lot of the drains and sewers are older, the first thing to look for is a blockage or broken drain or sewer pipe. This could be from tree roots, or a blockage that has built up over time from a combination of grease, soap and other household waste. Sometimes a flooded basement also occurs because of a faulty plumbing configuration.

Our Basement Flooding Solution

A flooded basement is just one of the many emergencies that we handle at George Salet Plumbing. We have been working on the plumbing problems of the San Francisco and the Peninsula areas for the past 30 years, and we understand why basements flood in this region. If you are looking for a permanent solution to your basement flooding caused by poorly installed or corroded and clogged drains, give us a call! We can handle any emergency situation, or give you a free estimate to prevent future problems!

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