Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Hydro Jett Hydro jet drain cleaning is a service that we provide if you have a clogged drain or sewer at your home or business. At George Salet plumbing, we can also work with a home owner's association if the clogged drain problem is with the communal plumbing in a condominium complex. Hydro jet plumbing is a service that is necessary if you have a drain or sewer line that has been clogged over time with heavy-duty residue like grease, soap, or sand. After some years, these substances can build up in your drains and eventually close up the pipe so that it only partially drains. This is not the kind of blockage you can fix yourself and not even a situation where you can use a drain snake to completely unclog your drain.

Finding the Problem

Hydro jet drain cleaning is more effective when you can find exactly where the blockage is. Heavy blockages commonly occur in the main sewer and where the sub drain pipelines bend or change direction. Drain CameraIf the blockage can't be found there, a video inspection may need to be performed. This involves putting a live video camera down the drain to find out how much build up there is and if there are root problems as well. The video camera has a locater to determine exactly where the blockage is, so the time spent working to unclog you drain can be minimized. Video inspections can also find other problems, like broken or separated pipes and offset pipe joints.

Fixing the Problem

Hydro jet drain cleaning can be an extremely useful long-term solution for a clogged drain that has been almost closed off from residue build-up. Once the problem has been found, our qualified team at George Salet Plumbing can get right to work to unclog your drain with our hydro jet drain cleaning equipment. Hydro Jet Drain CleaningA hydro jet drain cleaning machine is a water powered drain cleaner that is inserted into the drain and uses 1,500 to 4,000 pounds of water pressure to clean out the blockage in your clogged drain. The cleaning head propels itself forward through the drain with 6-8 reverse jets that spray out of the back of the cleaning nozzle. When the nozzle meets the blockage, it breaks up the blockage with a powerful stream of water , when the operator pulls back on the cleaning head,the rear jets turn into cleaning jets and virtually scour the pipe clean. This is the most effective way to clean this type of clogged drain, and also the longest lasting. This kind of cleaning is especially effective for kitchen sinks, restaurants, hotels, condominium buildings, and hospitals - where this kind of blockage is more likely to occur.

Other Drain Solutions

Drain Snake Hydro jet drain cleaning isn't the only clogged drain solution we offer at George Salet Plumbing. We also offer a cable drain cleaning service (Drain Snaking). These services allow us to unclog drains of any size, from a simple clogged drain in your home to 12" sewer mains, as well as anything in between. Call George Salet plumbing today for free estimates, fast service, and the absolutely cleanest plumbing service in the San Francisco and Peninsula area.

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