My Garbage Disposal Just Stopped Working, What Happened?

Garbage disposals are designed to dispose of small food particles and wash them down the drain before putting the plates into the dishwasher. Unless you run a restaurant, you have to be careful what you put down the garbage disposal in order to get rid of small food particles. It is helpful to remember that your dishwasher and your garbage disposal work in tandem. This means that they share the same drainage pipes and work together to get your dishes clean.

When a garbage disposer stops working, there can be several reasons. The first thing to do is to check and see if your garbage disposal is plugged in to the power outlet. This seems a little silly, but if you have more than one person living in your house, they may have unplugged it accidentally. You can also check the reset button and see if that works. Sometimes, a garbage disposal will shut off automatically if there is something like a power outage, or if it has been accidentally unplugged. Also, if someone has put something down the garbage disposal that will stop the blades from working and destroy the motor, the disposal will also shut off automatically.

After checking the power supply and also trying the reset button, if there is still no humming when you flip the switch, the garbage disposal may need servicing from a licensed professional plumber. If you have an older model garbage disposal, it may need to be repaired or even replaced. Many people try to fix garbage disposals themselves, but usually come to the conclusion that this it is a job for a professional. So, if you can't use these simple tips to fix the problem, then it is probably time to either call for service or get a professional plumber to install a new garbage disposer.

Garbage Disposals Frequently Asked Questions