Why do I need a pressure regulator valve?

Whenever you use water in your home, it is delivered from your local water company through pipes by using water pressure. This means that whenever you turn on water in your home for any reason, there will be pressure that forces the water through your faucets, your shower, your washing machine, your dishwasher, and any other device in your home that relies on water pressure in order to function.

The pressure that forces the water through the pipes is measured in PSI. PSI is the abbreviation for pound-force per square inch. Depending on where you live in the Bay Area or on the Peninsula your water pressure can vary. This means that the PSI that in your home can vary as well. It's not an exact science, because if you call your local water authority; they might not know either. But we can give you this fact - your PSI changes with temperature and other local conditions. This is significant, if your water pressure exceeds 80 psi it can put extra wear and tear on your appliances and may also void the warranty on them.

This is why it is important to have a pressure reducer valve in your home. A pressure reducer valve regulates the rate at which water flows into your home and reduces the water pressure when it exceeds 60 PSI, which is generally the approved rate for home and even light commercial use. Only heavy duty commercial operations need more than this limit.

We advise everyone in the Bay Area and the Peninsula to install a pressure valve when their water pressure exceeds 80 PSI to protect them from excessive wear and help prevent any accidents that may occur from a sudden change in water pressure.

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