What is a thermostatic shower valve?

Thermostatic shower valves regulate the temperature of the water within one half of a degree of the desired temperature. This means that you don't have to keep adjusting the hot and cold water valve as thermostatic shower valves do all the work for you. A 3/4" thermostatic single-handled valve is the most common thermostatic valve that is usually installed in a custom shower; but a thermostatic valve wasn't really designed for comfort. It was designed for safety.

If you have multiple shower installations, like in a townhouse or even a single family dwelling, it is important to install these kinds of valves to prevent scalding when more than one person is using different showers. Everyone has to get ready for work and school at the same time, and if you live in an older municipality or an older home, you may experience water temperatures that range from scalding to freezing. Trying to adjust the faucet manually can be frustrating and time consuming. A thermostatic shower valve can solve this problem in your home.

A thermostatic shower valve also has commercial applications for businesses like hotels or bed and breakfasts. There is nothing like installing a thermostatic shower valve to prevent the flux in water temperatures that could potentially cause injuries in the shower, or just make life more enjoyable.

There are many companies that make thermostatic shower valves, and we install them all. A thermostatic shower valve is the next step up from a pressure balanced valve if you have multiple showers in a commercial business. Pressure balanced shower valves are designed for residential use, while a thermostatic shower valve works better for commercial places of business that have multiple showers like hotels.

Reputable companies like Kohler and Grohe offer these kinds of shower valves, but you may not see them on their web sites. This is because you would really have to look around to find them to understand then and know what they are. It is better to call your local plumber, who can talk to you about thermostatic shower valves, what they are, and how to install them. If you own a business like a hotel or own a home that has multiple showers, a thermostatic shower valve can be installed to regulate the temperature in your shower.

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