Franke Sink Service

Franke sink service includes an entire line of award-winning

kitchen products designed to turn your cooking space into a gourmet paradise. If you are considering a remodeling plumbing project for your kitchen, Franke sink service and Franke USA kitchen sinks and accessories are the ultimate in elegant design for your kitchen. At George Salet Plumbing, we have been transforming kitchens for over thirty years in the San Francisco and Peninsula area, and we understand what you are looking for when you want a brand new dream kitchen. Franke sink service is always better when you call George Salet plumbing, because we can take the concept of your kitchen design and make it a reality.

Kitchen Sinks From Franke USA

Franke sink service includes deluxe granite and stainless steel kitchen sinks. The granite sinks are made from quartz crystals which are bonded with acrylic resin to form a non-absorbent, non-porous, rock-hard surface. The stainless steel sinks have a high nickel content which makes them tougher and more resistant to corrosion. Both types of sinks feature easy-to-clean and elegant finishes, ample-sized bowls, sound-deadening pads, and deep ledges. The quality materials used in the manufacturing process also create a smoother, longer lasting, and more hygienic surface than other leading sink brands.

Kitchen Accessories From Franke USA

Franke sink service also means an entire line of gourmet kitchen products to go with your sink. This includes cutting boards, stainless steel bottom grids, colanders, and dish dryers. These accessories will not only compliment your sink, but help to protect it from scratching, scorching, and staining. As well, Franke sink service is part of the 'Active Kitchen System' which has been developed by Franke USA. This system includes an extractable work surface which can hold a chopping board, mixing bowls, and pot stands to create an extra work surface for use when you are in the kitchen. When you are finished, simply store the work surface behind a convenient stainless steel splashguard and your kitchen is back to looking sleek and streamlined.

Franke USA and George Salet Plumbing

Franke sink service is an integrated kitchen system that needs to be installed by a professional plumber. At George Salet plumbing, we can help you build your dream kitchen no matter what brand of kitchen products you choose to install. If you are considering an extensive kitchen remodeling plumbing project, give us a call. We not only provide sink installation; we provide faucet installation, water filter installation, garbage disposal installation, and water heater installation. We can work with your contractor or help you find one, and we also offer free estimates and a guarantee on all of our work. We also provide sink repair, garbage disposal repair, and drain cleaning service. So, no matter what kitchen plumbing service you need, we promise you a quick turnaround time and a beautiful gourmet kitchen.

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