Kindred Sink Service

Kindred sink means beautiful stainless steel and granite sinks

for your kitchen, and Kindred designer sinks will make your gourmet kitchen look spectacular. Distributed by Franke Consumer Products, Kindred sinks are some of the higher-end designer sinks on the market and are sought after by people who love to spend time in the kitchen. These elegant sinks are perfect for chefs who want to coordinate their kitchen sinks to compliment their other kitchen fixtures from Franke Consumer Products like range hoods, faucets, garbage disposals, and water filters. Kindred sink service is definitely meant for those who want the finest fixtures and appliances available for their kitchen.

Kindred Granite Sinks

Kindred sink service includes Kindred granite sinks. These unique sinks have the look of natural granite, but are much more durable. They are made from fired quartz crystals that are bonded together by an acrylic resin to create a radiant granite surface that is virtually stain, scorch, and scratch-proof. The color and finish remain true because the finish goes clear through this natural stone. Like the stainless steel sinks that Kindred manufactures, these kitchen sinks come in single bowl, double bowl, and triple bowl. The sinks also come in different hues, and a variety of designs like corner sinks, and sinks with drain boards.

Kindred Accessories

Kindred sink service includes accessories and other products from Kindred as well as Franke Consumer Products. This includes faucets, garbage disposals, range hoods, and water filters that can be put together to create your own complete dream kitchen. The colors, materials, and features of the other kitchen products from Kindred and Franke Consumer Products are amazing. These quality and functional appliances and fixtures work together as a single unit, as opposed to separate appliances that function on their own. By choosing Kindred sink service and coordinating fixtures, you can create a kitchen ecosystem that can be customized for your own unique culinary needs.

Kindred and George Salet Plumbing, Inc.

Kindred sink service is better when you call George Salet Plumbing, Inc. If you live in the San Francisco or Peninsula area, we can help you with remodeling plumbing like a Kindred kitchen renovation. We provide sink installation, faucet installation, water filter installation, garbage disposal installation, and gas line installation for stoves. We can install your entire Kindred kitchen the way it was meant to be because we have been installing kitchen appliances in the San Francisco area for the past 30 years. We provide free estimates, a quick turnaround time, and we will work with your contractor or even help you find one. As well, if you have an older kitchen that needs some help, we also offer sink repair, faucet repair, drain cleaning service, and garbage disposal repair.

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