Kohler Sinks

Kohler sinks are the choice

of many people who are planning a remodeling plumbing or a condo renovation. This is because Kohler sinks offer the most functional and beautiful designs which are made from a variety of durable materials, including vitreous china, stainless steel, fireclay, and cast iron. Kohler sinks also come in a wide range of colors and designs, so they are perfect for any kitchen or bathroom decor. As well, Kohler also makes an entire line of coordinated tubs, toilets, and high quality faucets. So, you can find almost any fixtures you are looking for in the Kohler line of plumbing products including fixtures for commercial properties and businesses.

Kohler Kitchen Sinks

Kohler sink service offers beautiful kitchen sinks for your home. You can choose from stainless steel, vitreous china, cast iron, and fireclay. Kohler Kitchen sinks come in more colors than any other brand, and a wide variety of styles. With coordinating fittings and faucets, you can design a kitchen that suits your style and customizes your kitchen space for you. As well, Kohler make sinks for entertaining that will be an elegant addition to any family room.

Kohler Bathroom Sinks

Kohler sink service includes designer bathroom sinks that work together with other Kohler bathroom products to create stylish and elegant bathroom suites. This includes pedestal, vessel, countertop, under counter, tile-in, and wall-mount models. If you want to redo your bathroom and are considering a plumbing remodeling, or even a condo conversion, give us a call for more information! We can talk to you about Kohler sink installation, toilet installation, and faucet installation; and we can even help you find a contractor if you need help with a bigger project.

Kohler Commercial Sinks

Kohler sink service means functional sinks for busy restaurants, hospitals, schools, and light industry. These sinks are designed to meet the needs of specific industries. At George Salet Plumbing, we offer professional sink installation, sink repair, and sewer repair for commercial properties. Give us a call for a free consultation!

Kohler Sink Service and George Salet Plumbing

Kohler sink service is better when it comes from George Salet Plumbing. When you call George Salet plumbing for Kohler sink service, you will get more than standard sink installation or sink repair. At George Salet, we can work with you on your plumbing remodeling project from start to finish. This includes helping you pick out fixtures, delivering them to your home or business, and professionally installing them. We guarantee all of our work and provide free estimates. In addition to Kohler sink installation, we also provide toilet installation, and faucet installation. Kohler sink service also includes sink repair, drain cleaning service, and faucet repair.

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