Is a "low boy" toilet seat lower?

No. The 'low boy' toilet just means that the tank is geared for saving space above the toilet. A low boy toilet seat is designed to be at the same height as most conventional toilets. Conventional toilet seats are approximately 15 inches from the floor. So, in effect, the term low boy refers to the water tank at the rear of the toilet, which is lower and smaller than conventional toilets. The size of the tank is actually where the term "low boy" originates.

However, don't let the term "low boys" put you off from purchasing one. It used to be that these kinds of toilets didn't deliver a powerful flush. However, the new "low boys" are now designed to deliver a powerful flush, along with water savings because of the new technology that has been developed. Low boys now rely on modern flushing technology to make sure that waste is disposed of properly.

A low boy toilet may also help you with home renovations or condo conversions. There are several reasons for this. First of all, a smaller tank will allow you to place a shelf over the toilet tank at the same height as the vanity. A low boy toilet also makes the room feel bigger because the tank in almost invisible.

There are also different kinds of low boys. This includes siphon models that add an extra boost of water if it needed, as well as pressure assist models that use compressed air to force a small amount of water to compel waste down the trap way. Both of these models have an improved amount of strength and durability. This kind of technology not only provides a more powerful flush, but also saves water. So, a low boy is a toilet that will save you money and improve the value of your home.

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