Acorn Toilets

Acorn Toilets

Acorn toilets

is associated with the manufacturing of the finest stainless steel toilets in the world. If you work with any commercial, correctional, industrial, or institutional facility in San Francisco, you may be familiar with Acorn toilet service. However, the Acorn Engineering Company also makes high-end designer toilets for residential homes under the Neo-Metro brand. So, whether you manage a large state-owned institution or decide to do a full luxury condo renovation in South San Francisco, you may need information about Acorn toilet service. At George Salet Plumbing, we have been providing Acorn toilet installation for the past thirty years. In fact, Elmco & Associates, the distribtuing partner of Acorn Engineering, has a stocking warehouse right in the San Francisco area. If you need Acorn toilet service, give us a call!

The History of Acorn Engineering

Acorn toilet service was started in Los Angeles in 1954 as a division of ELMCO, a sales company for engineered plumbing products. By the 1970's Acorn engineering became one of the leaders in stainless steel plumbing fixtures for correctional, institutional, and commercial organizations. Always looking to expand their product line, Acorn engineering got involved in residential stainless steel toilets after a widely publicized 1998 home renovation in San Diego, CA, which included stainless steel prison toilets in its minimalist home design plans. It was then that Neo Metro, Acorn Engineering's stainless steel residential fixtures company was born.

Acorn Engineering Commercial Products

Acorn toilet service for commercial use focuses on stainless steel toilets that suit the purpose of your organization. Acorn engineering also makes lavatories, drinking fountains, urinals, and many other products for commercial use. These are all plumbing products specifically designed for use by hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, industrial organizations, and the food and beverage industry. At George Salet plumbing, we don't just fix leaky faucets for home owners, we also provide full plumbing service for the commercial sector as well. If you need commercial grade Acorn toilet service, toilet installation, toilet repair, or any other plumbing services, we'll be glad to help.

Acorn Toilet

Neo-Metro Residential

Acorn toilets means high-end luxury toilet installation. If you are looking at a condo conversion and you want stainless steel plumbing products from Neo-Metro, George Salet Plumbing can assist you with the entire process. We can order your fixtures, provide toilet installation, and work with your contractor to make sure that your condo conversion goes smoothly. We can even call a contractor for you if that is necessary. If you want your entire bath suite from Neo-Metro, we can also provide sink installation and an entire plumbing remodel. Let us know what you need with regards to Acorn toilet service. At George Salet Plumbing, we provide free estimates, fast reliable service, and an honest guarantee.

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