Crane Toilet Service

Crane Toilet Service

Crane toilet service includes toilet installation, as well as the installation of entire toilet suites. This is because Crane Plumbing, one of the most well-known manufacturers of plumbing fixtures and products in North America, also makes bathroom sinks, lavatories, vanity tops, baths, bidets, and shower units. Crane plumbing has been a part of remodeling the finest homes and commercial properties in North America for 135 years. So if you are considering a plumbing remodeling, you can get your entire bathroom suite from Crane Plumbing and we can help. At George Salet Plumbing, your San Francisco plumbing experts, we not only handle Crane toilet service, we can also provide plumbing remodeling for the whole bathroom. In fact, working along with a contractor, we can handle an entire condo conversion.

Crane Toilet Types

Crane toilet service, like most toilets, comes in three different types of toilets. The first is probably what most people are familiar with, which is simply the gravity fed flushing toilet. This toilet simply uses the power of gravity to flush away the waste. The second, and more advanced type of toilet, is the siphon jet toilet. The siphon jet toilet works similarly to the gravity fed toilet, but with an added boost of water to propel the waste with greater force. The third type of toilet, the pressure assist, uses compressed air to force the water out through the trapway with greater strength. As you can imagine, both the siphon jet and the pressure assist toilet greatly improve the performance of the flush.

Crane Plumbing

Crane toilet service is only part of the Crane Plumbing group of companies. Crane plumbing also owns FIAT, as well as Showerite. This is why Crane Plumbing is a great company to go with if you are considering a plumbing remodeling for your home or a condo conversion. With the bathroom suites provided by these Crane Plumbing companies, you can get every bathroom fixture you need in one place. As well, Crane Plumbing supplies an entire line of bathroom products for hotels, hospitals, and other commercial buildings. George Salet Plumbing simplifies the process even more by providing toilet installation, sink installation, drain installation, and faucet installation for residential and commercial properties; with all of our work 100% guaranteed.

Crane Toilet Service and George Salet Plumbing

Crane toilet service is always better when it comes from George Salet Plumbing, Inc. At George Salet Plumbing, we provide Crane toilet service from start to finish. Our plumbing experts start by helping you pick out your toilet and other plumbing fixtures you might need. We provide you with a free estimate for your toilet installation and deliver it right to your home. After your toilet is installed, we leave your house clean; and if anything isn't to your satisfaction, we'll fix it. Guaranteed! As well, if you have an older toilet, we provide toilet service like toilet repair and drain snake plumbing.

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