Toilet Repair

Toilet repair is probably one of the most popular searches on the internet for do-it-your-selfers. This is because most people look at a toilet that is leaking, constantly running, or stopped-up and think they can fix it themselves. Why not? It looks like an easy repair. This may be true in some cases, but most of the time you will save yourself trouble and money if you call an experienced plumber when you don't know anything about toilet repair. Remember, the home improvement web sites are sponsored by home improvement centers, and their main goal is to sell you merchandise. If you'll notice, there is always a 1-800 number next to the directions for toilet repair services in case you mess up the project. However, you'll be better off to call us here at George Salet plumbing in the first place than to go it on your own!

Simple Toilet Repairs

Toilet repair can look deceptively simple when you see a diagram of the working parts. You think, "Sure, I can do that," but read the directions carefully. For example, the standard directions for tank valve replacement include, "be careful of permanently scratching other surfaces", "shut off main valve", "disconnect hoses", and "be careful of cracking the tank." Even if you make it this far, the only thing you can do if your new tank valve doesn't work is "check for leaks" and "make adjustments." Suddenly, a fifty-minute project turns into an indefinitely unresolved issue.

Another example of toilet repair that you should not attempt is replacing the wax ring at the base of the toilet. A wax ring is a very simple part of the toilet that keeps the water from leaking out from the base of the toilet. It can cost less than ten dollars to buy and merely needs to be replaced when the wax pulls away from the toilet over time. What could be easier to fix? You'll understand why you need a plumber's help when you go to lift a fifty-pound toilet off of the base to replace the wax ring, and then try to set it back down on the bolts without being able to see the bolts or the wax ring. If you have any kind of back problems, you should never attempt this kind of toilet repair.

Why Call George Salet Plumbing for Toilet Repair?

Toilet repair is something that we do every day. Even if you just have a clogged toilet, it's better to have us snake it out than it is to try to unclog it yourself. Call us if you have problems with your toilet, instead of doing more damage to your toilet with your own form of toilet repair. What do you have to lose? We give free estimates, free advice, and we have local, friendly people here to help you. We don't sell plumbing toilet repair kits; we provide fast, reliable, local, and quality plumbing services that you can rely on when you need toilet repair!

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